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ILE Update Seminar

Seminar of update on voluntary pregnancy termination for High Risk Obstetrics teams.



In September of 2017, law 21,030 was promulgated, depenalizing the voluntary termination of pregnancy in three cases. From that moment on, various national and international organisms (WHO, FIGO and the national Ministry of Health) have published technical regulatory documents for healthcare teams. As Miles we take on the task of spreading these documents through training.


Description of the activity

Demonstrative activity for 50 health professionals from the regions of Coquimbo, Metropolitana, Valparaíso, Del Maule, Del Biobío and La Araucanía.  This seminar has a duration of eight hours.



  1. Implementing actions related to the legal voluntary termination of pregnancy based on technical updates regarding medical and surgical abortion, and post-abortion care within the law 21,030 framework.