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Law of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy in Three Cases Support

Miles has the Support program for women in the situations covered by the Law 21,030 of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy in Three Cases, these being: vital risk for the woman, non-viable fetus and rape.

In order to support anyone who falls under these causes we use the following principles:

  • Right to truthful and scientific information: We provide complete, updated, verbal and written information, or through the needed channels according to each consultant. This ensures that they can make the best decisions according to their case and condition, without coercion.
  • Right to the freedom of thought: We respect the values and beliefs of every woman so their decisions are coherent with their views, life projects, autonomy and will.
  • Right to competent professional care: We have trained professionals with knowledge, experience and skills in sexual and reproductive health care.

What is the Comprehensive Support program?
The Miles Comprehensive Support program is a service provision to offer psychosocial support according to the Law 21,030, Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy in Three Cases.

We provide information, emotional support and guidance so that you can make free and informed decisions favoring your autonomy, convictions and projects.

A safe and confidential space where you can express yourself freely, offering you clarity regarding the existing alternatives, so you can make more confident decisions.

Our team

This intervention is made a specialized team, knowledgeable in the law 21.030 and with a rights approach. They can also guide you on subsequent steps based on your decision.