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Third Student Women’s Circle: Students from all over Chile learned about sexual and reproductive rights

This activity organized by Miles took place on the 23rd of April and featured the participation of noted exponents, who shared their knowledge on the abortion under three causes law, the proceedings to report sexual violence, sexuality and pleasure, contraception and STIs and online violence. It was a powerful and exciting event, as well as educational, where we shared and learned from one another.

Students from all over Chile participated for a whole day in the Third Student Women’s Circle organized by Miles. Our intention is to create a space to reflect on diverse topics related to sexual and reproductive rights and to know the experiences and needs of young women, who today are carrying out processes of reflection and social movement from different educational institutions in the country.

The circle started at 9 a.m. with a welcoming from the Miles team. After this, the assistants had to introduce themselves in the time a match took to burn, and shared their motives for assisting.

In the first module, conducted by Alyse López-Salm, Project Manager of IPAS, she spoke about women’s sexual and reproductive rights, their right to have consensual sex, to not be discriminated and to terminate an unintended pregnancy through a free abortion that does not put their lives at risk. “Only 24% of abortions in Latin America are deemed safe”, she stated.

Later came the turn of Javiera Canales, Attorney part of the Miles team, who provided all the updated information on the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy law, also known as IVE law, with complementary data from the Miles Health Coordinator, Estefanía Andahur. The students were told what they could do if they were to have a pregnancy falling under one of the three cases of permitted abortion. They were also introduced to the Miles psychosocial support service for women in these scenarios, which was approved by the Ministry of Health in January of this year.

The third Women’s Circle continued with a module focused on sexual violence, where the different types of crimes were explained to them, such as sexual abuse and rape, as well as the punishments for the perpetrators. “Rape itself has no statute of limitations, only the time for initiating legal proceedings does”, declared the attorney.

After a break, Carolina Peredo, midwife, spoke about the different methods of contraception available for women to prevent unintended pregnancy and the most prevalent types of STIs in society. She also gave useful advice on prevention. “We need sexual education to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs”, she stated.

One of the most popular modules was the online gender sexual violence module, conducted by Paz Peña from Acoso.Online, due to the last cases denounced publically.  “Online sexual violence is too normalized. It is urgent to create feminist awareness about this”.

The Women’s Circle ended with an educational talk from Jane Morgen–the creator of the Japi Jane sexshop–on sexuality and pleasure, he gave tips on how to live sexuality to the fullest. She also spoke about the sexual breach between women and men: “In an heterosexual encounter, 91% of men reach orgasm versus 39% of women”.


Click here to see the video of the Third Student Women’s Circle.