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Female Condom Circle

Women’s Circle: Workshop for the use of the female condom

On November 18, 2018, Miles hosted the Second Women’s Circle, focused on the promotion of the female condom. The workshop was attended by fifty women of all ages; they learned how to properly use the female condom and its main benefits, such as the prevention of HIV and other STIs, like the human papillomavirus (HPV) and how it improves women’s autonomy in sexual and reproductive health care.

Apart from getting to know the wonders of its use, such vindicating female pleasure and sexuality and promoting self-knowledge, the women participating in the workshop learned practical facts, such as the possibility of using it up to eight hours before sexual activity and that, because it is not made out of latex it does not cause allergies.

This workshop was conducted by our Health Area in partnership with the Ministry of Health Public Health Subsecretary. The Subsecretary provided the public policy approach intending to promote the use of the female condom. Although it is an effective alternative for prevention and protection, its use is not as massive because of its high price compared to the male condom.

This Women’s Circle concluded with individual and collective commitments to spread the use of the female condom as an effective alternative for women to protect themselves independently.