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Sexual and Reproductive Health Counseling

The counseling service offered by Miles is a safe and confidential space. A counselor offers information and guidance so the consultants can make free and informed decisions favoring their autonomy and in agreement with their convictions. This ensures that they can exercise their rights and also become active subjects in their health, seeking their physical, psychological and social well-being.

From now on, we offer a counseling service with a rights approach. We base on these principles:

  • Right to truthful and scientific information: We provide complete, updated, verbal and written information, or through the needed channels according to the situation of the consultant. This ensures that they can make the best decisions according to their case or condition, without coercion.
  • Right to dignity, privacy and confidentiality: We offer a friendly and warm space and protect the privacy and confidentiality of the matters discussed in the counseling.
  • Right to the freedom of thought: We respect other people’s values and beliefs so their decisions are coherent with their views, life projects, autonomy and will.
  • Right to competent professional care: We have trained professionals with both the knowledge and experience in sexual and reproductive health care.

We offer counseling in matters of sexual and reproductive health such as:

  • Self-care and sexual wellbeing
  • Support for reproductive losses
  • Contraception
  • Sexual health for LGBTI people
  • Information for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS
  • Legal advice

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