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Laura Albornoz – Director

Lawyer, University of Chile. Former Minister of the National Women’s Service. Doctor of Civil Law, University of Seville. Master of Management of Human Resources in the Madrid International Business School, Spain. First woman to be the Director of the National Copper Corporation of Chile (CODELCO, in Spanish), from 2014-2018. Professor at the Department of Private Law, Law School, University of Chile. Minister of State of the National Women’s Service of the first government of President Bachelet. Former Minister of State, 2008-2009. Former President of the Inter-American Commission of Women at the OAS. She was a delegate for the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas dialogue supported by the U.S. Department of State. Former Advisor to President Michelle Bachelet. After the earthquake in 2010, she became a Presidential Delegate in the commune of Constitución, one of the most devastated zones. Since May of that year she worked in community reconstruction projects at the Dialoga Foundation.